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Security & Brand Protection Solutions

Now offering a variety of security & brand protection.

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Micro 2D barcodes are up to four times smaller than standard barcodes.  Ideal for verification and traceability while remaining barely noticeable in the design.

Micro 2D Barcodes


Create text and numbers that appear to the naked eye as a thin line or decoration. Only legible while using a magnifying glass.

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Invisible Ink

Available in blue and yellow, invisible ink is only visible using a black light lamp o LED.  This allows you to create designs using invisible text, codes, or shapes.

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Guilloché is a high-resolution complex pattern made of thin, colorful, curved lines that interlace to create a unique design.  This complex technique makes recreating artwork virtually impossible.


HP SmartStream Designer

Create virtually unlimited design variations

HP Mosaic.jpeg

HP Mosaic

create unique designs based on a core pattern

HP Collage.png

HP Collage

varies the placement and size of elements in your design 

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Variable Data

generates different text based off of a given list


Specialty Inks


Fade Resistant

Invisible Ink

Expanded Gammut / PMS


White Ink

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